Flowers & fruits

A still life collection that was born as a "b" side project of Vanitas, and that slowly grew to eventually find its idendity inside our portfolio. "Fruits & flowers" talks about our love for nature, and, particularly, for the grapes that surround our studio. A tribute to the colors of life that too often we excluded from our works.  

Flowers Shells Tristan Dark Vanitas DSC 0570
Hyacinth Tristan Dark Vanitas DSC 0762
Tristan Dark Greek Vase With White Wild Flowers DSC1634
Tristan Dark Still Life Grape Fruit Flowers DSC5865
Candle Currant Glass Tristan Dark Vanitas DSC 6631
Grape Pears Corn Tristan Dark Vanitas DSC 0436
Tristan Dark Sunflowers Tribute To Van Gogh DSC 1836
Tristan Dark Flowers Score DSC 6605
Tristan Dark Dead Hyacinths DSC1560
Tristan Dark Still Life Rotten Onions Candle DSC 8035
Tristan Dark Wheat Pipe Glass Bottles DSC 0273
Tristan Dark Kaki Pomegranate Glass Vase Pipe DSC 7981
Tristan Dark Still Life Roses Nautilus Vase Books DSC 1660
Tristan Dark Still Life Grapes Pears Peaches Fly Pumpkin DSC5894
Tristan Dark Vanitas Vase Peonies Lavender Wild Poppies DSC1949
Tristan Dark Still Life Grapes Pomegranate Butterfly Shadows Lights DSC5934
Tulipa Tristan Dark Vanitas DSC1493
Tristan Dark Vase Flowers Tulips Hyacinths Gerberas Butterfly DSC1252